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Visual Guide List of All Cards from Rise of Shadows

Updated 3rd April 2019

Visual Guide List of All Cards from Rise of Shadows

Expansion Information

The next Hearthstone expansion is almost here! It's called Rise of Shadows and it will be released on April 9, 2019! Check out the official link!

  • Check out the announcement trailer here and the announcement blog post here.
  • New Mechanics – Twinspell
  • Twin Spell - When you cast a spell with Twinspell, it adds another copy of itself to your hand (but without Twinspell), allow you to cast it twice.
  • Lackeys - There are cards in Rise of Shadows that will generate Lackeys, which are token creatures (tokens are cards that can't be added in your deck).

Latest Reveals

All cards revealed and added!


Ros crystal power 8b77cd4e Ros druid of the acorn 26df6d96 Ros blessing of the ancients ce75e39d Ros dreamway guardians 6cd0b7ee Ros the forest s aid 988d3c54 Ros lifeweaver 6a8a0e45 Ros crystal stag 3f9a7f5e Ros crystalsong portal 60e4d0f5 Ros keeper stalladris dd9fa8e6 Ros lucentbark ea7a69fc


Ros marked shot 729e92cc Ros rapid fire ea04729b Ros ursatron c23fc864 Ros hunting party 5d944748 Ros unleash the beast dbe288b1 Ros shimmerfly c0b51ae1 Ros nine lives e6e70be9 Ros arcane fletcher ac18b8a6 Ros oblivitron 91e11fd2 Ros vareesa windrunner 037a9c4d

The Weapon from Vareesa Windrunner

Ros thoridal 4837ce57


Ros messenger raven 1a5bb5df Ros ray of frost 21b0c03f Ros magic dart frog dabde802 Ros kirin tor caster 53193af8 Ros magic trick 2421619d Ros conjurer s calling 504638fe Ros power of creation 80583af4 Ros mana cyclone f0d32b9b Ros kalecogs 6208b023 Ros khadgar bff2f78a


Ros lightforged blessing 860b05f3 Ros never surrender 4ac6151d Ros bronze herald ec0cf234 Ros mysterious blade b8c3406d Ros call to adventure dcf27787 Ros desperate measures 663e996b Ros dragon speaker 4f33792b Ros duel 4b171b62 Ros commander rhyssa 7fb6368d Ros nozari b9f7d289


Ros evil conscripter 545a351c Ros hench clan shadequill 70177632 Ros unsleeping soul 5f165858 Ros convincing infiltrator 4bd16749 Ros forbidden words 1303ca84 Ros mass resurrection 3c793b9a Ros lazul s scheme 312ee73d Ros shadowy figure 469160e9 Ros catrina muerte 39258f7e Ros madame lazul 02b9c9cd


Ros evil miscreant 36633466 Ros hench clan burglar 31ed3cb0 Ros daring escape dac7d0da Ros togwaggle s scheme 36b2f78f Ros vendetta 2b8b8bb5 Ros underbelly fence 2e6017bb Ros unidentified contract a1953f72 Ros waggle pick 48f4c1d8 Ros heistborn togwaggle ac1896eb Ros tak nozwhisker 27ded28e

Possible Contracts



Ros walking fountain fe630ebf Ros mutate 31881b72 Ros soul of the murloc 98a0edba Ros underbelly angler 8b5d1bed Ros hagatha s scheme 2bc57440 Ros sludge slurper 3fdb41e6 Ros muckmorpher 659a41be Ros witch s brew 7933bfd5 Ros swampqueen hagatha 982a92b8 Ros scargil 335e1772


Ros rafaam s scheme 05e93afa Ros evil genius 74991594 Ros aranasi broodmother f9bc485f Ros impferno d1995c12 Ros eager underling d55e257e Ros plot twist 0894ddc4 Ros jumbo imp 6e95cf91 Ros darkest hour 63672e1d Ros arch villain rafaam 7463f202 Ros fel lord betrug b7e53983


Ros improve morale 915f9f82 Ros dr boom s scheme 56375d4d Ros vicious scraphound 82bbd2c0 Ros sweeping strikes e45ccce8 Ros clockwork goblin ef194d8d Ros dimensional ripper 00933731 Ros omega devastator d5f6cad8 Ros wrenchcalibur eb5fe64f Ros blastmaster boom 6206b73f Ros the boom reaver 1666d433


Ros chef nomi 8365ca90 Ros jepetto joybuzz 9c0cd4ee Ros archmage vargoth 4b1b8787 Ros archivist elysiana baed3a47 Ros barista lynchen c3da6a3a


Ros batterhead ebc90f4f Ros unseen saboteur 2393e00f Ros big bad archmage fc15adc5 Ros hench clan hag 27733c8f Ros magic carpet 9dbd490e Ros azerite elemental b59c9bad Ros portal overfiend 682c5147 Ros whirlwind tempest 1afc470e


Ros spellward jeweler dc4cadc9 Ros hecklebot fd88f2c5 Ros exotic mountseller de8ca11c Ros arcane watcher c74bb481 Ros mad summoner 1f341064 Ros sunreaver warmage abae15bd Ros portal keeper 0c039816 Ros recurring villain 1dba7f69 Ros tunnel blaster c5804c28 Ros underbelly ooze 6a331c7b


Ros travelling healer 73b1d493 Ros evil cable rat 483c30aa Ros hench clan hogsteed 507ea295 Ros dalaran librarian b494fc9d Ros potion vendor 2c4f0fb3 Ros proud defender 76a6102f Ros mana reservoir b6cba35b Ros soldier of fortune a903baca Ros safeguard fd9dece6 Ros sunreaver spy 559018d4 Ros arcane servant 586834a4 Ros burly shovelfist b302a72a Ros dalaran crusader 6c70af87 Ros eccentric scribe 3e28aeb0 Ros faceless rager 56792337 Ros flight master f301bd4c Ros hench clan sneak f7e9fc03 Ros heroic innkeeper 9b0632a8 Ros spellbooker binder a8112814 Ros violet spellsword a46572ec Ros violet warden dd7d5592 Ros toxfin 4f6039ca

Lackey Tokens

Ros ethereal lackey 120491cb Ros faceless lackey 26743d79 Ros goblin lackey d3483a13 Ros kobold lackey b17a00f4 Ros witchy lackey 186b1cc7

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