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Visual Guide List of All Cards from Rastakhan's Rumble

Updated 28th November 2018

Visual Guide List of All Cards from Rastakhan's Rumble

Expansion Information

The next Hearthstone expansion is almost here! It's called Rastakhan's Rumble and it will be released on December 4, 2018! Check out the official link for more information!

Latest Reveals

All cards have been revealed and added. Scroll down to see them all!


Rkr savage striker 2f77f96e Rkr ironhide direhorn 5166b455 Rkr pounce 716c381c Rkr predatory instincts ab288d65 Rkr spirit of the raptor 3255f128 Rkr mark of the loa 43c98868 Rkr stampeding roar fe783f58 Rkr treespeaker b010d48f Rkr wardruid loti afc2d9cf Rkr gonk the raptor 1b39eecb

Wardruid Loti's 4 Dinosaur Forms

Rkr wardruid loti stealth 0535cc71 Rkr wardruid loti spell f6bd41fe Rkr wardruid loti rush 4dd3f6f2 Rkr wardruid loti taunt 79b79d47

Wardruid Loti with Fandral Staghelm

Rkr wardruid loti fandral 87349a9b


[Rkr baited arrow 7d96cd8b Rkr springpaw 4af94bcd Rkr headhunter s hatchet ed563676 Rkr revenge of the wild 02c43270 Rkr bloodscalp strategist 580b8c44 Rkr spirit of the lynx f2f53d81 Rkr master s call 470a6900 Rkr the beast within c1a3f267 Rkr zul jin fe1599fe Rkr halazzi the lynx 67075d60

Zul'jin's Hero Power

Rkr berserker throw dfbd0074


Rkr draring fire eater 5f40f67d Rkr arcanosaur cb721767 Rkr elemental evocation 6923d8de Rkr pyromaniac ee793640 Rkr spirit of the hawk 8369fbeb Rkr scorch fb36fb0b Rkr blast wave 7d204265 Rkr splitting image 638e1cb9 Rkr hex lord malacrass 528d2d44 Rkr jan alai the dragonhawk af91c2fe


Rkr time out 760e6a02 Rkr bloodclaw bbe02701 Rkr flash of light 88479265 Rkr spirit of the tiger 334cfeea Rkr zandalari templar 5ae91843 Rkr farraki battleaxe 330360c4 Rkr immortal prelate d7cc0055 Rkr a new challenger ec87a415 Rkr shirvallah the tiger 1d9e0727 Rkr high priest thekal 78e4a95f


Rkr seance 60d528d0 Rkr regenerate e05dae82 Rkr sand drudge 51f406b7 Rkr spirit of the dead caab0397 Rkr grave horror 83c7c3f1 Rkr mass hysteria c6b5acc2 Rkr surrender to madness dc0a5951 Rkr auchenai phantasm 56efaf3f Rkr bwonsamdi the dead 5541446d Rkr princess talanji cca52e53


Rkr walk the plank b23bd3fc Rkr stolen steel 20ff5f3e Rkr serrated tooth 29ae5758 Rkr spirit of the shark 6d4f2bb9 Rkr raiding party 33ea0479 Rkr bloodsail howler 18b70e63 Rkr cannon barrage 16d1bbfc Rkr gurubashi hypemon 47c7075a Rkr gral the shark f85c7122 Rkr captain hooktusk 2711eeee


Rkr rain of toads 3839f2b3 Rkr totemic smash f71db5eb Rkr wartbringer e17401e7 Rkr likkim 0a203c2d Rkr spirit of the frog d3339b81 Rkr bog slosher 1c130e6d Rkr haunting vision 85a01a1d Rkr big bad voodoo 50aa3716 Rkr zentimo 9f4a673f Rkr krag wa the frog 7b427923


Rkr reckless diretroll 559134a1 Rkr blood troll sapper fba68ae1 Rkr demonbolt 1ff73939 Rkr spirit of the bat f28377f6 Rkr shriek 8cd30454 Rkr grim rally a69eaf06 Rkr void contract 1706d2bf Rkr soulwarden ff317341 Rkr hir eek the bat 0a0a4fb5 Rkr high priestess jeklik 26a0b29a


Rkr overlord s whip e21f6bb4 Rkr devastate de706d76 Rkr dragon roar 5fc94904 Rkr heavy metal 3be47a65 Rkr emberscale drake c517c798 Rkr spirit of the rhino 147a53a5 Rkr sul thraze 14869de8 Rkr smolderthorn lancer 7155327b Rkr war master voone 7e7f22a7 Rkr akali the rhino 668ffa8d


Rkr oondasta a5d6c7ed Rkr hakkar the soulflayer 7877853a Rkr griftah 72a5dd80 Rkr da undatakah 7b07bc6b Rkr mojomaster zihi 9e4ccc7d

Hakkar, the Soulflayer's Corrupted Blood

Rkr corrupted blood f9fd5908


Rkr wild beast king d9a3b0c6 Rkr masked contender 48c6826c Rkr crowd roaster e9f63697 Rkr linecracker 09480766 Rkr mosh ogg announcer 4917c831 Rkr snapjaw shellfighter d2362c10 Rkr drakkari trickster 36e3506b Rkr ice cream peddler 853ae84f Rkr gurubashi offering fabe5708


Rkr belligerent gnome ce86ef74 Rkr firetree witchdoctor 3fcea391 Rkr soup vendor 25d185ea Rkr murloc tastyfin 08402c8e Rkr waterboy 35a94570 Rkr arena patron fbd516e7 Rkr booty bay bookie 880f7832 Rkr serpent ward d11361fa Rkr shieldbreaker 848a83f5


Rkr sharfin fan 25e52bf7 Rkr ticket scalper 8e0503ec Rkr gurubashi chicken c64050c7 Rkr amani war bear 718d27ab Rkr rabble bouncer 6af4386a Rkr saronite taskmaster c8257b83 Rkr sightless ranger c31025c5 Rkr arena fanatic 2f5e4f9a Rkr dragonmaw scorcher 6d23ccdb Rkr mosh ogg enforcer fbaf9571 Rkr half time scavenger f4b141f9 Rkr cheaty anklebiter 8cfcc2bb Rkr ornery tortoise e2099073 Rkr spellzerker 1c26718f Rkr scarab egg c18e9044 Rkr rumbletusk shaker 3cd8c931 Rkr regeneratin thug 9d5d85e2 Rkr helpless hatchling 9c5e8595 Rkr former champ 6b1a7d8d Rkr dozing marksman efca29ba Rkr banana buffoon a0effcfe Rkr arena treasure chest 34d98241

Saronite Taskmaster's Free Agent

Rkr free agent 086ae00b

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