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Boomsday Project: Deathrattles

Updated 1st August 2018

Boomsday Project: Deathrattles

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Boomsday Project Deathrattles

There are quite a few cards with the deathrattle keyword. The obvious deck types that could benefit from this is Quest Priest and Deathrattle/Egg Hunter. Here are the revealed (so far) deathrattle cards and card with deathrattle synergy from the Boomsday Project:

Tbp mecha thun 045cf5adTbp weaponized pinata a9293a1fTbp mechanical whelp 2f7a4dd3Tbp replicating menace bfd0b9f1Tbp goblin bomb 4b188092Tbp spark drill f51a7688Tbp kaboom bot d760c8e9Tbp mecharoo 8bdfdf33Tbp piloted reaper 963ad526

Tbp fireworks tech abd90e56Tbp necromechanic fced3ed2Tbp spider bomb 1e099c34Tbp cybertech chip 87a4ddf1Tbp fireworks tech abd90e56Tbp goblin prank 8480f13fTbp flark s boom zooka a4d7aac5

Tbp mechano egg 241c953b

Tbp test subject 293faf4fTbp dead ringer 5dc0b502Tbp reckless experimenter 21ab58f5Zerek master cloner 7eb15b29

Tbp violet haze adb019edTbp necrium vial d5428cf0Tbp blightnozzle crawler bd28781eTbp necrium blade 26e17676Tbp myra rotspring 5085e8b1

Tbp void analyst 8ff8a213Tbp dr morrigan 61eca05f

Standard Deathrattles

Here are the deathrattle card currently in standard:

Giant anaconda 3dab55ac Grizzled guardian 2cd8a471 Greedy sprite b2329048 Twig of the world tree 0193536c Fatespinner d467ed65 Soul of the forest bcde80a6 Astral tiger 24041b17 Hadronox 753075d4

Abominable bowman 82697e39 Corpse widow c7225600 Exploding bloatbat a79c620b Play dead bb6f9637 Savannah highmane 46101ba9 Seeping oozeling e6ba3e86 Kathrena winterwisp cd5f77a2 Terrorscale stalker 863c9eee Raptor hatchling a9c391e4

Shimmering tempest 1ecd89fd Pyros 28178250 Sindragosa 317ed9c1

Bellringer sentry 1d6bc1bb Drygulch jailor 5e6ded6d Desperate stand 285b3034 Val anyr 0b92d890 Primalfin champion 5be56345 Arrogant crusader 8c6d5fc7 Tirion fordring 85928b80

Twilight s call e6c9e8d2 Obsidian statue e8893039 Awaken the makers d669132c Tortollan shellraiser 6502ea0e Crystalline oracle 2829c288 Gilded gargoyle 5628ccb8 Coffin crasher 2bcf3493

Cursed castaway 7fe304ad Kobold illusionist 08c1dba5 Lesser onyx spellstone 7901b787 Sherazin corpse flower db6a5c99 Kingsbane 18b3e34c Roll the bones b7b86208 Bone baron 2da6f0bd

Ancestral spirit d0eb3745 Spirit echo 342b742d Primal talismans 51c67d3b

Witchwood imp 9bb7d57c Voidlord 0c9a7009 Possessed lackey 5abea8bd Rin the first disciple d58b23d8 Cruel dinomancer e21534db

Blood razor 0e812fed Mountainfire armor 09f2e318 Direhorn hatchling b08b0921 Woodcutter s axe f86efcea

Lost spirit 7ad667c9 Voodoo doll 00e60581 Deranged doctor dd4894b4 Swamp dragon egg 1c36c36a Splitting festeroot 4f28858c Countess ashmore add6cdea Rotten applebaum 3dec7e8a Spiritsinger umbra 9498fb67 Igneous elemental a4ef5adf Volatile elemental 44ae00c6 Devilsaur egg b38f355a Eggnapper b15ae69d Sated threshadon 7cd67383 Plated beetle 179a2c50 Cursed disciple 67b14aa6 Silver vanguard 10631a5c Carnivorous cube 8a9369a4 Violet wurm 63efdcdf Hoarding dragon 39fe7613 Arfus 2fc2e3ac Meat wagon 00c5b33b Shallow gravedigger b8c8f6d3 Corpse raiser 6626b543 Ticking abomination 76c35669 Tomb lurker e57b9a5b Vryghoul af14536b Bone drake 3a568c1b Rattling rascal 9de4b272 Skelemancer 0cdf5f2b The beast cabe3d08 Harvest golem 1df475f8 Cairne bloodhoof c7dad71c Abomination 67adcebd Loot hoarder 0bcc3ab1 Leper gnome 7fc2493b Bloodmage thalnos 0b4cff24

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