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The Magnetic Keyword and Mechs Visual Guide

Updated 1st August 2018

The Magnetic Keyword and Mechs Visual Guide

Magnetic Keyword

Tbp spider bomb 1e099c34

The Boomsday Project introduces the new keyword Magnetic. Here are some information and observations (so far) about the keyword:

  • Minions with the Magnetic keyword can be fused with other Mechs. The resulting minion will have the combined health, attack and abilities of the two minions.
  • Play a magnetic minion to the left of the minion that you want it to fuse with. If you play it to the right, nothing happens and the Magnetic minion will just be a regular minion.
  • The magnetic minion will fuse into the minion being fused, meaning if the minion being fused is able to attack that turn, the new combined minion can attack as well!

Note: Once we know more, we'll update the above information.

Here is a video demonstrating the magnetic keyword in action!

Cards with Magnetic in The Boomsday Project (So Far)

Tbp venomizer 4a3b09e1 Tbp skaterbot f41bba6e Tbp glow tron 9d40018f Tbp bronze gatekeeper 707758e0 Tbp replicating menace bfd0b9f1 Tbp missile launcher b5860461 Tbp kangor s endless army f1dd9eae Tbp annoy o module f27a6e96 Tbp zilliax 9b8b1084 Tbp beryllium nullifier 9291ac3f Tbp wargear 4e0e08c9 Tbp spider bomb 1e099c34

Cards with Mech Synergy from The Boomsday Project (So Far)

Tbp whirlglider d8407cbd Tbp microtech controller 7960dde5 Tbp unpowered mauler 8e9f0141 Tbp steel rager 8eac3cdf Tbp spring rocket 756be3ea Tbp spark engine 7363d13c Tbp spark drill f51a7688 Tbp bull dozer 88a12e68 Tbp rusty cycler 786e9cd3 Tbp piloted reaper 963ad526 Tbp mecharoo 8bdfdf33 Tbp loose specimen 459bfefe Tbp kaboom bot d760c8e9 Tbp damaged stegotron 475a8507 Tbp mechano egg 241c953b Tbp explodinator 4043027c Tbp coppertail imposter 4e85ba43 Tbp galvanizer 078c9ca8 Tbp e m p operative 5feb9595 Tbp mecha thun 045cf5ad Tbp security rover c3f7facf Tbp mulchmuncher 8c1d3e27 Tbp fireworks tech abd90e56 Tbp cybertech chip 87a4ddf1 Tbp venomizer 4a3b09e1 Tbp boommaster flark 2ffbee68 Tbp dead ringer 5dc0b502 Tbp pogo hopper c6888542 Tbp blightnozzle crawler bd28781e Tbp eternium rover 6bab8a5f Tbp omega assembly f802ef4f Tbp dyn o matic 66536f7c Tbp drboom mad genius 80fe7a34 Tbp faithful lumi 1e7f6253 Tbp upgradeable framebot a2340b6c Tbp goblin bomb 4b188092 Tbp mechanical whelp 2f7a4dd3 Tbp giggling inventor a6a90ca6 Tbp weaponized pinata a9293a1f

Want to start brewing? Here is a visual of all the Mechs in Standard and Wild!

Brew Time! Existing Mech Cards

Standard Only

Dragonling mechanic 500e5a84 Scorp o matic d73fae48 Harvest golem 1df475f8 Nightmare amalgam 0f6714fa Demolisher ad254c42 Alarm o bot 0cc5b104 Unpowered steambot 32762dbe Meat wagon 00c5b33b Clockwork automaton 2334a4bd

All Mechs

Mech bear cat 4820d92a Anodized robo cub 20a604dc Metaltooth leaper 51245d4c Flame leviathan a0e063e7 Soot spewer f2c24873 Snowchugger 0e2d3a56 Cobalt guardian daa78d3f Shielded minibot 088c7e64 Upgraded repair bot 8c016fca Shadowboxer fa5885ba Iron sensei 075ff162 Goblin auto barber 6f3aa511 Whirling zap o matic aa267cf0 Anima golem 2504fbd0 Fel cannon aca150f8 Iron juggernaut 1a468787 Siege engine 68823371 Screwjank clunker 42755db9 Warbot fd56a851

Mekgineer thermaplugg 42844e71 Foe reaper 4000 ff905fe4 Sneed s old shredder ac66ddee The curator 05ddb92d Blingtron 3000 0d121664 Mimiron s head 067f5310

Clockwork giant dfd506d1 Piloted sky golem e1e91c98 Wind up burglebot 9281f664 Fel reaver a6107fdf Junkbot de6bfa26 Enhance o mechano 0325e1f3 Meat wagon 00c5b33b Nightmare amalgam 0f6714fa

Corrupted healbot 3a485cc7 Arcane nullifier x 21 8c9835ad Jeeves 1ffaf67a Alarm o bot 0cc5b104 Demolisher ad254c42 Scorp o matic d73fae48 Target dummy 92dbe7c1

Force tank max 609ceb2b Antique healbot 553db0a8 Clockwork automaton 2334a4bd Clockwork knight f69bfe85 Psych o tron 1172e0e2 Gorillabot a 3 800c4f07 Mechanical yeti 2b5c3089 Piloted shredder 8ea71fd4 Unpowered steambot 32762dbe Flying machine 37682c9a Harvest golem 1df475f8 Spider tank 15ef534e Zoobot 432b7ef0 Annoy o tron df2ace7c Explosive sheep 9e9e4085 Mechwarper 05d8bf38 Micro machine f3e3df7d Clockwork gnome 47c72ad5

Brew away!

Learn more about the Magnetic Keyword!

Hearthstone Chat: Magnetic

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