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Midrange Hunter Deck List Guide

Updated 26th June 2018

Midrange Hunter Deck List Guide

Deck Information

Deathstalker rexxar bdbc99fe

This is a stock but strong midrange build that uses a powerful curve and Hunter's inherent aggression to power its opponents out of the game. Get the board early and build from there.

Your goal with this deck is to trade early on, control the board, and then use that control to power out both giant threats and massive amounts of damage.

For the latest Midrange Hunter deck lists from top players and streamers, visit the decklists section here.

  • Type: Midrange
  • Class: Hunter
  • Updated: Witchwood Expansion

Note: This guide is updated regularly. It will continue to expand and iterate as the season goes on.

Latest Deck Lists

For the latest deck lists from top players and streamers, visit the Midrange Hunter decklists section here.

Mulligan Strategy

All Aggro/Midrange Control
Dire Mole
Jeweled Macaw
Crackling Razormaw
Scavenging Hyena
Animal Companion
Eaglehorn Bow
Unleash the Hounds
Flanking Strike

Note: There may be variations between decklists but the mulligan concept remains the same.

Strategy and Tips

Bearshark 46dc522f

  • This deck is completely based around the curve. You should always prioritize a 1/2/3 hand over cards that are strong in certain matchups.

  • Prioritize damage. It can be easy to trade a lot, but you are a Hunter and you should never shy away from getting in extra hits.

  • Playing to Savannah Highmane is always correct. The lion is one of the best finishers in the game and if you ever play it while ahead you will usually win.

Against Aggro/Midrange

  • Trade early on. Not only will that set up your midrange threats, it will also help keep your health high for when you need to slam big bodies.

  • Holding off a turn on Unleash the Hounds is often correct and give you more chances to play your larger bodies.

  • Eaglehorn Bow and Flanking Strike are two great ways to play value and also build up/protect a board.

  • Play to Houndmaster, especially in tight games or close races where you need a bit of breathing room.

  • An unanswered Tundra Rhino or Houndmaster Shaw is often going to be game over. Try to set them up on an empty board as much as you can.

  • When fighting for board, never forget about Deathstalker Rexxar's battlecry.

Against Control

Kill command aa0b02a3

  • Try to end these games as quickly as possible. You want to start hitting with damage early and never stop.

  • Bearshark is the best card in this matchup. Always prioritize it.

  • Never overextend into AOE unless you have a stick board. It is ok to sit back and chip your opponent down with small amounts of damage until they commit.

  • Unless your opponent is at low health and you need to lean on your hero power for damage, you should transform into Deathstalker Rexxar whenever possible.

Key Card Choices

  • Dire Mole: A strong, high-health one drop that kicks off your curve and generates great trades.
  • Crackling Razormaw: Two drop beast that synergizes with other minions in your deck.
  • Scavenging Hyena: A two drop beast that can instantly grow out of your control. Great removal bait to set up your bigger plays.
  • Bearshark: Nearly untouchable threat that can beat control decks on its own.
  • Eaglehorn Bow: A great tempo play during the middle turns of the game and a way to hit for massive amounts of damage.
  • Kill Command: Strong damage that helps close out games when your opponent closes out your board. Can also serve as clutch removal.
  • Flanking Strike: A beast play that also removes a threat. Pure tempo.
  • Houndmaster: Pressure and defense rolled into a solid beast-synergy card.
  • Tundra Rhino: Powerful card that turns all of your beasts into immediate threats. Great curving into Savannah Highmane and game winning if unanswered.
  • Deathstalker Rexxar: Great backup plan when your board or threats get answered. Kills slow control decks as well.

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