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Dust for Everyone! Upcoming Nerfs!

Updated 15th May 2018

Dust for Everyone! Upcoming Nerfs!

Upcoming Nerfs

If you have not heard, there will be nerfs coming to a significant number of cards! You can read the official Blizzard post here.

The patch will be released some time after the HCT Summer Tournaments are completed!

Or scroll down for a quick summary!

So how much dust will I be getting?

If you own two copies of all the cards getting nerfed (except for the Rogue quest, which we will assume the number to be at 1), you will get back a total of…

4,280 Arcane Dust!

Card Copies Dust Value
Naga Sea Witch 2 800
Spiteful Summoner 2 800
Dark Pact 2 80
Possessed Lackey 2 200
Call to Arms 2 800
The Caverns Below 1 1600

Cards Getting Nerfed

So here are the cards getting nerfed. Most of them just had their mana cost increased while the buff from the Rogue quest was reduced from 5/5 to 4/4.

Naga Sea Witch

Spiteful Summoner

Dark Pact

Possessed Lackey

Call to Arms

Crystal Core

Meta Decks That Dodged the Nerf Bat

  • Odd Paladin
  • Odd Rogue
  • Tempo Mage
  • Control Mage
  • Even Shaman
  • Shudderwock Shaman
  • Mind Blast Priest
  • Miracle Rogue
  • Quest/Odd/Control Warrior
  • Spell Hunter
  • Taunt Druid
  • Zoo Warlock

It'll be exciting to see if any of the above will rise to the top or will we see new meta decks?!

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