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Control (Big Spell) Mage Deck List Guide

Updated 27th August 2018

Control (Big Spell) Mage Deck List Guide

Deck Information

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The ultimate control deck with a total of 8 ways to clear the board! And when the opponent finally runs out of gas, Control Mage follows it up with the Dragoncaller Alanna and Frost Lich Jaina finisher!

  • Type: Control
  • Class: Mage
  • Updated: Boomsday Project Expansion

Note: This guide is updated regularly. It will continue to expand and iterate as the season goes on.

Latest Deck Lists

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Mulligan Strategy

All Aggro Midrange/Control
Raven Familiar
Stonehill Defender
Acolyte of Pain
Frost Lich Jaina
Dragon's Fury

Note: There may be variations between decklists but the mulligan concept remains the same.

Strategy and Tips

Dragoncaller alanna 39cecc89

  • The goal is to stay alive until the late game where your big spells will shine
  • Use math skills to calculate trades once you have Frost Lich Jaina's hero power to create an endless supply of Water Elementals
  • You won't be doing much early game against other control decks and that is normal
  • When you have cast enough big spells and ready to turn the tide, slam down that Dragoncaller Alanna
  • Be aware of how many spells you have left in your deck for Dragon's Fury
  • If you have played Frost Lich Jaina already, you can get massive life gain from playing Baron Geddon, whose AOE damage heals you
  • Arcane Keysmith will provide you with flexibility and options outside the deck

Against Aggro

  • Like all control decks, the goal is to survive until late game
  • With so much AOE spells at your disposal, you can consistently clear their board even if they refuel
  • Your heals will come from Arcane Artificer and Frost Lich Jaina

Against Midrange/Control

  • You will be the control against other control and midrange decks
  • Keep your hand full and just focus on answering threats
  • Games will usually go into fatigue so think twice before using cards like Raven Familiar
  • Against Warlocks, save your Polymorph for demons and Rin, the First Disciple
  • Focus on value when picking a secret from Arcane Keysmith - a good example is Frozen Clone
  • Your main win condition is Frost Lich Jaina and Dragoncaller Alanna

Key Card Choices

  • Frost Lich Jaina: The key card in your deck. It is how you win late games and how to get life back up
  • Polymorph: Great for dealing with recursive thread. Polying cards like Doomguard and Hadronox means they won't be coming back
  • Dragon's Fury: Cheapest AOE that is just as effective as Flamestrike if not better (but will be useless if there are no more spells left in your deck)
  • Dragoncaller Alanna: The great tempo and board filler. Highly effective against decks with no AOE such as Druids and Hunters
  • Voodoo Doll: Essentially a five mana cost removal, when paired with your hero power

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