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The Cards We are Saying Goodbye To in 2018!

Updated 13th March 2018

The Cards We are Saying Goodbye To in 2018!

Rotating Out of Standard

With the impending arrival of The Witchwood, and with it, the Year of the Raven, we will be saying goodbye to three sets that are leaving the Standard format.

In addition to the cards from Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, three cards from the Classic set will also be moved to the Hall of Fame - meaning they will only be playable in the Wild Format.

In this article, we'll be looking at some of the more significant cards leaving Standard in Year of the Raven.

Hall of Fame

When a classic card is moved to the Hall of Fame, they will only be exclusive to the Wild Format. The following classic cards are leaving Standard:

  • Ice Block
  • Coldlight Oracle
  • Molten Giant (Molten Giant will also be un-nerfed. The mana cost will be reverted back to 20 from 25)

Ice block 3ccdd935 Coldlight oracle e1ebb691 Molten giant 1beecd24

The cards above will be joining cards like Ragnaros the Firelord and Sylvanas Windrunner in the Hall of Fame.

When a card moves to Hall of Fame, there is an opportunity for you to gain dust or craft the card for free! More information here.

Whispers of the Old Gods

Eater of secrets f0d31edc N zoth the corruptor b472bc04 Yogg saron hope s end 7c3d77c9 Y shaarj rage unbound b49556c4 Fandral staghelm a41e8991 Call of the wild 8cc73c3c Cabalist s tome 9d7191b0 Ragnaros lightlord 87358dab Rallying blade 172c0cd7 Stand against darkness 9b8147c9 Vilefin inquisitor 57cd3f1e Forbidden shaping 46170c02 Shadow word horror 953c181e Shifting shade 36bfa0b7 Shadow strike b985ed27 Undercity huckster f7b637ed Evolve 73f8ece6 Thing from below b8324ff3 Darkshire councilman 1b974c74 Forbidden ritual df6b55fb Possessed villager 8245e271

One Night in Karazhan

Netherspite historian f8e29353 Barnes 36ac540f Medivh the guardian d2d43841 Cat trick 911e5fed Kindly grandmother 770a5426 Babbling book 0c5e750e Medivh s valet 3ea2f4c1 Firelands portal ccf5183b Ivory knight fbb8d915 Priest of the feast dd919373 Swashburglar 4d22c70b Maelstrom portal 1fefb2d7 Spirit claws db13c240

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Mistress of mixtures 93335721 Patches the pirate db24cd0b Dirty rat 57e6ef1c Kazakus 3548b2f6 Potion of madness d8b8fad3 Finja the flying star 386da688 Aya blackpaw ebbb32b6 Jade behemoth 7723465b Jade blossom 8eb2a89c Jade idol 81e832ac Alleycat 00b53019 Kabal lackey 4c597700 Kabal crystal runner 4dc5c01e Potion of polymorph 4dc1ffe0 Drakonid operative db081043 Dragonfire potion 978ca0cc Kabal songstealer 1559b590 Kabal talonpriest b3db32dd Pint size potion 48b34332 Purify ccf0e25a Raza the chained 140c233c Shaku the collector f9540ecf Devolve 727a53f7 Jade claws 6cc871e8 Jade lightning 58f0e50f Abyssal enforcer ecb5e776 Sleep with the fishes 7e7bc9fd

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