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Visual Guide of All Cards from Kobolds and Catacombs!

Updated 4th December 2017

Visual Guide of All Cards from Kobolds and Catacombs!

Latest Reveals

All the cards have now been revealed and added! We're still updating some of the images to better quality ones!

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Druid Cards

Kc oaken summons a292a30e Kc ironwood golem b80b047b Kc barkskin c20e829e Kc lesser jasper spellstone 6e2c40c2 Kc grizzled guardian 134174b7 Kc greedy sprite 58a24e76 Kc branching paths 6501e2e3 Kc astral tiger 53e47cec Kc twig of the world tree 0b936029 Kc ixlid fungal lord 4bc5b0f5

Upgraded Jasper Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc jasper spellstone 7137d1c4 Kc greater jasper spellstone 54d7a2cc

Hunter Cards

Kc flanking strike 6f91b5ee Kc cave hydra d0f95b2a Kc candleshot da8a8806 Kc wandering monster bd81061c Kc seeping oozeling 3a318592 Kc lesser emerald spellstone 10c89e96 Kc to my side 78b38d9d Kc crushing walls bb242e02 Kc rhok delar db5e41c3 Kc kathrena winterwisp a931fc7b

Upgraded Emerald Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc emerald spellstone 26ae886c Kc greater emerald spellstone 44b17a77

Mage Cards

Kc raven familiar 67d91601 Kc arcane artificer 77c2d86d Kc shifting scroll 0e717f68 Lesser ruby spellstone a074c3c5 Kc fluffy fire rune 973295d7 Kc leyline manipulator e5457d5b Kc deck of wonders 00ca6833 Kc dragon s fury 6a52c674 Kc aluneth b2ccf8be Kc dragoncaller alana 36fac34b

Upgraded Ruby Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc ruby spellstone 4a8b9bb6 Kc greater ruby spellstone 64377f88

Scroll card from Deck of Wonders (Token)

Kc scroll of wonder 4a1e7bcc

Paladin Cards

Kc drygulch jailor a2db30c7 Kc fluffy genie 2172a5b7 Kc potion of heroism cbd89ee3 Kc unidentified maul ae5c6927 Kc lesser pearl spellstone b4d83ea6 Kc crystal lion b045d1cf Kc call to arms ca08e2c5 Kc level up 57e090e3 Kc val nayr 2dfe387d Kc lynessa sunsorrow 2d3f6197

Unidentified Maul Options

Kc champion s maul b34b75e0 Kc purifier s maul 4bea00e2 Kc blessed maul bc759956 Kc sacred maul 76414b99

Upgraded Pearl Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc pearl spellstone 6626356c Kc greater pearl spellstone 30a14df3

Priest Cards

Kc unidentified elixir d9d4bb4d Kc psionic probe 0f2a4b55 Kc gilded gargoyle 3ba57310 Kc duskbreaker 9abe8acc Kc lesser diamond spellstone c266214b Kc twilight s call bcdd234e Kc psychic scream da8c172d Kc twilight acolyte 3b750172 Kc dragon soul e6cd6b85 Kc temporus 72c4f6c4

Unidentified Elixir Options

Kc elixir of purify 315c3f0e Kc elixir of shadows 1fa6a46e Kc elixir of life 4435c152 Kc elixir of hope 75d025b4

Upgraded Diamond Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc diamond spellstone 4bd8efb6 Kc greater diamond spellstone f31acb2f

Rogue Cards

Kc kobold illusionist fac8df0c Kc cheat death 7304f3e8 Kc sudden betrayal 5354c9bd Kc cavern shinyfinder 91f3978a Kc elven minstrel baaa1b2d Kc lesser onyx spellstone 36438edb Kc fal dorei strider 6a31785f Kc evasion 9425e50c Kc kingsbane 883d3040 Kc sonya shadowdancer bc289c27

Upgraded Onyx Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc onyx spellstone 340ac911 Kc greater onyx spellstone 16ac0650

Shaman Cards

Kc kobold hermit f78689b6 Kc crushing hand 2edc33f0 Kc healing rain 6a37133c Kc lesser sapphire spellstone fede112f Kc primal talisman 182910c2 Kc murmuring elemental 0a21d0e7 Kc windshear stormcaller 1e07c7f0 Kc unstable evolution 6cbfa70c Kc the runespear bcef9308 Kc grumble world shaker 32a5e517

Upgraded Jasper Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc sapphire spellstone be004fbb Kc greater sapphire spellstone a345acdc

Warlock Cards

Kc kobold librarian 0a833b7d Kc vulgar homunculus 8e00d966 Kc dark pact 40d46bbd Kc lesser amethyst spellstone 89069d8a Kc possessed lackey 5557e79b Kc hooked reaver 7549357b Kc voidlord 5daa1d95 Kc catalclysm d980c8f5 Kc skull of the man ari 8c075e70 Kc rin the first disciple 969dd0ac

The Seals from Rin, the First Disciple (Tokens)

Kc the first seal bdf59dc2 Kc the second seal 046204df Kc the third seal 5d6031fe Kc the fourth seal 86da2818 Kc the final seal 26d21a18 Kc azari the devourer 57affe52

Upgraded Amethyst Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc amethyst spellstone 47171844 Kc greater amethyst spellstone 0c8ed33c

Warrior Cards

Kc unidentified shield 8acec3c7 Kc gemstudded golem 813fc658 Kc kobold barbarian 96897c55 Kc gather your party 1aaad668 Kc lesser mithril spellstone d37451ff Kc drywhisker armorer 940c04eb Kc reckless fury 7c0d2170 Kc bladed gauntlet 44a18f04 Kc woecleaver 0c72f2f3 Kc geosculptor yip 83ae6eaf

Upgraded Mithril Spellstone (Tokens)

Kc mithril spellstone 650bbc5e Kc greater mithril spellstone e0e0b7e5

Options from Unidentified Shield

Kc iron golem 9a6f88ef Kc runed shield f63a0e6e Kc serrated shield 8fa92740 Kc spiked shield weapon b53a3882 Kc spiked shield 3d8a3237 Kc tower shield 10 e9ad5cac

Legendary Cards

Kc marin the fox 38621bfb Kc zola the gorgon c2aeb9b3 Kc king togwaggle a6240e02 Kc master oakheart 31ab3bdf Kc the darkness 06c2ce23

The Chest and Treasures from Marin the Fox! (Tokens)

Kc master chest 5337d783 Kc golden kobold 59be6b93 Kc tolin s goblet 1a46ea51 Kc wondrous wand 12b233c5 Kc zarog s crown b90f3402

Ransom Card from King Togwaggle and Darkness Candle card from The Darkness

Kc king s ransom ae6e5ed2 Kc darkness candle f57e2d05

Epic Cards

Kc carnivorous cube 076f476d Kc rammaging kobold 524a051a Kc spiteful summoner ace88df3 Kc grand archivist 4a78a18e Kc arcane tyrant 5b84a61d Kc dragonhatcher a641d759 Kc void ripper 777df84d Kc shimmering courser f86fd88c Kc corridor creeper 42b5b59a

Rare Cards

Kc feral gibberer 898f702e Kc lone champion 7052b77f Kc hungry ettin b01cb68b Kc furbolg mossbinder ab084295 Kc ebon dragonsmith 975ea0dc Kc gravelsnout knight 9dc769f2 Kc kobold monk c83a6394 Kc scorp o matic 27c3830f Kc shrieking shroom c6940267

Common Cards

Kc guild recruiter 5a35e08f Kc silver vanguard 26a75258 Kc hoarding dragon 1513b0a0 Kc cursed disciple d2731516 Kc fungalmancer af3fb2c9 Kc sleepy dragon 8694456b Kc kobold apprentice cc6500d7 Kc boisterous bard b20b5f89 Kc corrosive sludge f74b972a Kc dire mole f1b4cbbc Kc dragonslayer 0459f3b7 Kc fungal enchanter e06626cc Kc green jelly efa13467 Kc plated beetle ed1bfd92 Kc sewer crawler 5f0a2553 Kc shroom brewer 64501f27 Kc sneaky devil 3fd50f08 Kc toothy chest 561499cc Kc trogg gloomeater a2d8b046 Kc violet wurm 06da5a51 Kc wax elemental 4d637ae0 Kc stoneskin basilisk 42d4b7e8

Dungeon Run Mode Special Cards (Non Collectible)

Kc bag of coins b336eea1 Kc boots of haste 0d453876 Kc captured flag b97d6a16 Kc gloves of mugging 432f791d Kc glyph of warding 5244c198 Kc horn of cenarius 339710ee Kc justicar s ring a17d2c80 Kc khadgar s scrying orb 68f7cb36 Kc mysterious tome bea8ded9 Kc potion of vitality e7907dd8 Kc rod of roasting c0090d08 Kc small backpacks f2933c7c

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