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Meta Decks - One Week in Frozen Throne

Updated 17th August 2017

Meta Decks - One Week in Frozen Throne


It's that time of year again–new expansion, new cards and, hopefully, new meta decks to play!

For the past week, we have updated the site with all the popular meta decklists from top players and streamers and kept a close eye on which deck has been doing well on the ladder.

If you want to take a trip back in time, you can check out similar reports we did for Journey to Un'Goro and Whispers of the Old Gods.

Ahead of the Pack

There are currently 4 clear decks-to-beat on the ladder and none of them are new meta decks. Between these four decks, depending on which variation of the decklist you're looking at, only eight Frozen Throne cards were used and only one Deathknight.

Jade Druid

Murloc Paladin

Pirate Warrior

Token Druid

The Rest of the Pack

Here we have the rest of the decks competing for their spots on the ladder.

  • Highlander Priest–without Reno Jackson, Priest is the only class left that can build an effective single card (Highlander) decklist thanks to Raza the Chained, Kazakus and Lyra the Sunshard.
  • Secrets Mage–Secrets is the new face of the Tempo Mage.
  • Miracle Rogue–been a deck since the start of Hearthstone and still kicking it.
  • Freeze Mage–been a deck since the start of Hearthstone and still kicking it.
  • Control Priest–can't have a slow/greedy meta with the King of Greed, Anduin.
  • Dragon Priest–Dragon Priest tripped and lost a lot of great cards in Year of the Mammoth. We'll see if Cobalt Scalebane will help it back up.
  • Handlock–It has been a while since we saw Handlock. The slower meta has allowed this meta deck to rear its head back up. For now.
  • Jade Shaman–once a dominant deck but it did not receive the boost in Frozen Throne like its sibling deck–Jade Druid–did. It now relies on its Evolve Token variant to pull itself ahead.

Gone but Not Forgotten

It's understandable that we want to play new cards and 'new' meta decks at the start of each expansion. Some of the decks in the previous expansion are bound to be left on the shelf while we play with the shiny new cards. Here are the decks that are currently on sabbatical that may return on the ladder (if they have not already):


  • Discard Warlock–this meta deck has to be the baby of one of the game designers. It's pushed every expansion and it has failed on each occasion. It had a chance when it was aggro based but this new control-style pivot is dead on arrival.
  • Hunters–Pirate Warrior is a better Face Hunter. And ever since the nerf to Call of the Wild, the Midrange variation has been in limp mode. While things may have looked up with Deathstalker Rexxar…
  • Deathstalker Rexxar–replaces one of the best parts of the class with dice rolls RNG. Why would you actively sabotage your own class? (It's fun to build a beast though)
  • Scourgelord Garrosh–a very slow card that has yet to find a spot in a decent list.

Breakout Cards

Malfurion the Pestilent, Ultimate Infestation, Spreading Plague and Bonemare are all the rage these days but its the tech cards that are making the big come back:

The black knight abfb556eBig game hunter c1bb2964

And Frozen Throne introduced a very juicy target for them:

The lich king 0eb3531a

If you are deciding which one to craft/use between the two, you can't go wrong with The Black Knight. We would put two Black Knights in all our decks if we could (until the meta picks up the pace).

That's It For Now

We will continue adding new decklists every day to the site, from both top players and streamers. We'll also keep a close eye on any new meta decks that may emerge as the season progresses. So be sure to check back often for updates!

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