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Knights of the Frozen Throne - Expansion

Updated 6th July 2017

Knights of the Frozen Throne - Expansion

Live Updating from Shanghai!

Hi all! I am currently in Shanghai for the Spring Hearthstone Championship Tour, where Blizzard will be announcing the next Hearthstone expansion! Want to follow along? You can:

  1. Check out my live stream while I cover the event (as well as my experiences at the event and Shanghai).
  2. Or follow along with this post where I will update this with all the info about the expansion and pictures of the event!

The announcement has wrapped up. Scroll down to see all the information!

View the official blog post of the expansion here.

Knights of the Frozen Throne Cinematic Trailer

Expansion Information


Knights of the Frozen Throne

Card Reveal Kickoff!

July 24th 2-17

Release Date

August 2017

Number of Cards



$49.99 USD for 50 Packs and Special Card Back, featuring Frostmourne - the legendary Deathknight sword used by Arthas, the Lich King!


If you wish to prepurchase, you can do it here (official link). If you want to save money - use Amazon Coins. You can save up to 40% off card packs. Learn how here!

Unique Points

  • All 9 Classes can become Death Knights
  • New Card Type - 'Heroe Cards' - New heroes abilities and powers. See the Deathstalker Rexxar revealed below.
  • New mechanic - 'Lifesteal' - every damage the card does, it heals your hero for that same amount. Can be on minion and spell card types. See Chillblade Champion below.
  • Return of the 'Deathrattle' mechanic.
  • 8 Missions featuring Icecrown Citadel - Free! (The new adventure style gameplay). Lich King will be the final boss. Completing them will reward you with 3 Card Packs and 1 Random Death Knight Hero card!

For all card reveals, visit this post!

Cards Revealed!

Kft shallow gravedigger 7276d094Kft spirit lash d3cb3636Kft deathstalker rexxar 54f2d206Kft prince keleseth d1a783f7Kft chillblade champion 30faac24

More cards will be revealed starting July 24th, 2017! For all card reveals, visit this post!

Special Pre-order Card Back
Special Pre-order Card Back
Frozen Throne Gameboard
Frozen Throne Gameboard

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