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How to Save Money & Earn Free Packs and Gold

Updated 27th April 2018

How to Save Money & Earn Free Packs and Gold

Getting Most of Your Hearthstone Experience

Hearthstone can be an expensive game, especially for new players and beginners. Luckily, there are tips and rewards that you can take advantage of to kick start your Hearthstone journey!

1. Cheaper Packs

If you are looking to buy Hearthstone packs, especially in bulk, you can save a lot of money buy using Amazon Coins.

Amazon Coins is a digital currency provided by Amazon. There are also other promotions that happen regularly, including coin backs - the more coins you spend, the more you get, meaning more savings!

We have a complete guide on Amazon Coins right here.

2. In Game Quests

Daily Quests

Every day, you get a daily quest that rewards gold/pack when completed. You can save up to 3 quests in your journal. The gold reward ranges from 40 to 100 gold so be sure to do them every day!

By doing a quest every day, you can save up a hefty amount in time for each new expansion.

You get a free 're-roll' each day. So if you do not like a specific quest (too hard or reward is too small), you can re-roll it and hope for a better quest! For further maximization, re-roll quests for the 50 gold rewards or more.

One Time Quests

There are 'hidden' quests that can only be completed once. Be sure to check through it all and collect them all!

Quest Requirement Reward
Win 5 Practice Games Win 5 games in Practice mode. 1 Classic Pack
First Blood Complete a game in Play mode. 1 Classic Pack
The Duelist Play 3 games in Play mode. 100 Gold
Ready to Go! Unlock every Hero. 100 Gold
Enter the Arena Enter Arena Mode. 1 Arena Ticket
Crafting Time Disenchant a card. 95 Arcane Dust
Level Up Get any class to level 10. 1 Classic Pack
Crushed Them All! Defeat every Expert AI Hero. 100 Gold
Got the Basics! Collect every card in the Basic Set. 100 Gold
Chicken Dinner Win 100 games in any mode. 300 Gold
Big Winner Win 1000 games in any mode. 300 Gold
One of Everything! Collect every card in the Classic Set. 100 Gold

Promotional Rewards

These are one-time quests that require special actions.

Quest Requirement Reward
Reaper of Packs Purchase Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls. 1 Classic Pack
Greater Reaper of Packs Purchase Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition. 3 Classic Packs
iPack Play a game on the iPad. 1 Classic Pack
Android Tablet Play a game on an Android Tablet. 1 Classic Pack
iPhone Play a game on an iPhone. 1 Classic Pack
Android Phone Play a game on an Android Phone. 1 Classic Pack
Galaxy Gifts Play a game on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Series Phone. 3 Classic Packs + Card Back

3. Playing the Game

  • For every three wins in Casual or Ranked mode, you will get 10 gold!
  • There is a daily cap of 100 gold earned this way.

4. Entering the Arena

Playing and winning in the Arena is the most efficient way of earning gold, arcane dust and card packs. It is very challenging so new players will need to do quite a bit of studying to excel in the Arena.

One big advantage of playing the Arena is that it does not factor in your card collection. And if you are good enough (hitting minimal 7 wins each time), you will earn your Arena gold entry back, allowing you to play Arena indefinitely.

5. Weekly Tavern Brawl

Every Wednesday there is a special event called Tavern Brawl - a game mode with special rules.

By simply participating and winning your first game, you will get a free Classic Pack!

Save up to 50% off your packs!

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