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Preparing for Year of the Mammoth & Un'Goro

Updated 6th April 2017

Preparing for Year of the Mammoth & Un'Goro

Mammoth Proportions Indeed!

Update: Year of the Mammoth and Journey to Un'Goro is now live!

2017 is the Year of the Mammoth. There are a lot of changes coming and this guide will show you how to best prepare for it! This guide will cover the following topics:

  • Standard Set Rotation
  • New Hall of Fame Set and Arcane Dust Refund
  • Journey to Un'Goro - Daily Login Rewards, New Hero Maiev Shadowsong, Adapt mechanic, Elemental minion type, Legendary class spells
  • More Tips

Year of the Mammoth will consist of 3 expansions instead of the usual 2 expansion and 1 adventure release pattern.

Looking for Decklists?

We'll be listing all the decklists top players and streamers will be playing right here, on launch day. So be sure to check it out and bookmark it!

Standard Set Rotation

With the launch of 2017's first set - Journey to Un'Goro - we will say goodbye to the following expansions/adventures in Standard:

  • Blackrock Mountain
  • The Grand Tournament
  • League of Explorers

Notable Cards Rotating Out

Reno jackson efdbd76e Emperor thaurissan 5094b6c1 Tunnel trogg 1f8f542e Brann bronzebeard 17461e78

For a closer look at the notable cards leaving Standard, check out Notable Standard Cards Leaving Us in Year of the Mammoth.

If you are an exclusive Standard player and have no intention of playing the Wild format, you can safely disenchant the cards from the above sets and reinvest them in the new sets once Journey to Un'Goro is released.

New Set - Hall of Fame

Blizzard will be moving specific cards from the Classic set to the new set - Hall of Fame - where they will be exclusive to the Wild format only. Some of the classic cards were too powerful and became auto-include in most decks, stifling new deck building and innovations in Standard.

We will be saying goodbye to the following cards, as they leave us to join the Wild side:

Azure drake ecffcb2c Sylvanas windrunner 77623466 Power overwhelming 53d58e6b Ice lance de89f418 Conceal 028b771c

The Hall of Fame set will also include cards in the current Reward set (but no dust refund for these 2 cards):

Old murk eye 4a627fbd Gelbin mekkatorque 14424bb6

Arcane Dust Refund

Unlike previous dust refund situations (if a change was made to a card, players can disenchant/dust the card for its full value for a limited time), Blizzard will refund you the arcane dust if you own any of the six cards above without having you actually dust them! So for example, if you own Ragnaros the Firelord when Journey to Un'Goro is released, you will get 1600 arcane dust for free.

There are 2 main criteria:

  • You will only gain the dust value up to the maximum number of cards you could put in a deck. Example: If you have 6 Azure Drake in your collection, you will only get 200 arcane dust (value of 2 Azure Drake).
  • If you have both the golden and regular version of the card, you will get the golden version's dust value. Example: If you have both the golden and regular version of Sylvanas Windrunner, you will only get 3,200 arcane dust.

Free Cards

Here is a table showing the crafting cost and disenchanting/dusting cost of the cards at different rarity:

Rarity Craft Cost Craft Golden Disenchant Cost Disenchant Golden
Legendary 1600 3200 400 1600
Rare 100 800 20 100
Common 40 400 5 50

If you have arcane dust lying around, now is the perfect time to use them to craft golden (or normal) versions of the six cards above - you will get the full value back at release - and then you can either keep the cards or dust them for a little extra dust.

Example: Timmy does not have Syvlanas Windrunner but he has 2,000 extra arcane dust. He crafts a regular Sylvanas Windrunner for 1,600 dust, a week before Un'Goro is released. When Un'Goro is released, Timmy will automatically get 1,600 extra dust in his collection because he owns a regular Sylvanas Windrunner. Timmy basically got a free Sylvanas Windrunner!


If you have a regular version of one of the six cards above and want to upgrade to the golden version, you will be paying less dust for it compared to normal circumstances.

Example: Spike has a regular version of Ragnaros the Firelord and wants the golden version. When the patch is released, he will get 1,600 dust for his regular version. But if he crafts a golden Ragnaros (3,200 dust), he will get 3,200 dust back after the expansion (Blizzard will refund just the golden version if players have both). He ends up with a golden and a regular version of Ragnaros, with no extra arcane dust. Spike has the option to disenchant the regular Ragnaros for 400 dust. Spike is essentially paying 1,200 arcane dust to upgrade a regular version to the golden version of Ragnaros the Firelord. (Under normal circumstances, it would cost 2,800 dust)

Here's a table showing the upgrade costs for the golden versions:

Rarity Upgrade Cost
Common 35
Rare 80
Legendary 1200


The above only works before Journey to Un'Goro is released! Once it is released, you will not get any dust if you pick up any of the six cards listed above.

New Expansion - Journey to Un'Goro

Year of the Mammoth will officially kick off with the release of 2017's first expansion - Journey to Un'Goro!

Expansion Information

New Cards

New Mechanic - Adapt

Similar to Discover, Adapt lets you choose how to buff your minions. View guide

New minion type - Elemental

Some new minions will feature the new minion type - Elemental. Older cards like Water Elemental will also be updated to feature this new tag.

Quest Cards

Each class will get a new Legendary spell (called Quests) that will award powerful effects when completed. Visit the card interaction guide for more details.

Celebration & Rewards!

New Rogue Hero - Maiev Shadowsong

To acquire this new hero, players will just need to win ten games of Hearthstone in Standard Ranked or Casual mode once Journey to Un'Goro is released!

Daily Login Rewards

Starting March 29th, players will be rewarded by simply logging into the game! (Official link)

Date Reward Cost
March 29 50 gold
March 30 1x Mean Streets of Gadgetzan pack
March 31 100 dust
April 1 1x Whispers of the Old Gods pack
April 2 1x Journey to Un'Goro pack
April 3 50 gold
April 4 1x Journey to Un'Goro pack
April 5 Jtu golden volcanosaur 2cf0859e

Other Information

  • Be sure to buy the correct card packs! Plenty of players has been observed to buy the wrong expansion packs in their haste to crack open new cards.
  • Check out and bookmark the latest decklists page, where we will add the new decklists from top players and streamers!

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