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Card FAQ & Interactions from the Un'Goro Expansion

Updated 6th April 2017

Card FAQ & Interactions from the Un'Goro Expansion


New expansions usually come with new mechanics and interactions and Journey to Un'Goro is no different! Here you will find a list, explanations, and videos of all the special interactions in action!

This guide will be continuously updated so be sure to bookmark and check back often! Have a question or feedback? Email us!

Legendary Class Spells aka Quests

  • There are new legendary class spells called Quests. Example is Awaken the Makers.
  • Each class will get one Legendary Quest.
  • They show up in players' opening hand and they have the option to mulligan them away.
  • Quests can not be generated by random mechanics - Spellslinger.
  • Quests can be obtained by cards like Drakonid Operative and Mind Vision.
  • Quests takes a Secret spot (maximum 5 secrets in play).
  • Only one active quest each time.
  • Can complete quests multiple times.

New Elemental Tribe / Tag

Similar to 'Murloc' and 'Dragon', 'Elemental' tribe tag is being added to the game. Old minions such was Water Elemental will also be updated to include the new tribe tag.

Class Quests (Legendary Spells)

Hunter - Jungle Giants

Jungle Giants is the new legendary spell quest for the Druid class. The quest will award Barnabus the Stomper when completed.

Jtu jungle giants 02eb80a3 Jtu barnabus the stomper 2b151afc

Hunter - The Marsh Queen

The Marsh Queen is the new legendary spell quest for the Hunter class. The quest will award Queen Carnassa when completed.

Jtu the marsh queen 950201a1 Jtu queen carnassa c3974b63 Jtu carnassa s brood 12a1928c

View The Marsh Queen in action

Mage - Open the Waygate

Open the Waygate is the new legendary spell quest for the Mage class. The quest will award Time Warp when completed.

Jtu open the waygate 1fe43a94 Jtu time warp ad571ec0

Paladin - The Last Kaleidosaur

The Last Kaleidosaur is the new legendary spell quest for the Paladin class. The quest will award Galvadon when completed.

Jtu the last kaleidosaur b363e7e2 Jtu galvadon 19df3a91

Priest - Awaken the Makers

Awaken the Makers is the new legendary spell quest for the Priest class. The quest will award Amara, Warden of Hope when completed.

Jtu awaken the makers a5ef806e Jtu amara warden of hope e2fe92db

Rogue - The Caverns Below

The Caverns Below is the new legendary spell quest for the Rogue class. The quest will award Crystal Core when completed.

Jtu the caverns below 96af682c Jtu crystal core df482e38

Shaman - Unite the Murlocs

JTU Unite the Murlocs is the new legendary spell quest for the Shaman class. The quest will award Megafin when completed.

Jtu unite the murlocs 52a48794 Jtu megafin a8bedcb1

Warlock - Lakkari Sacrifice

Lakkaris Sacrifice is the new legendary quest for the Warlock class. The reward is Nether Portal. The portal summons two 3/2 Nether Imps at the end of your turn.

Jtu lakkari 2c58a481 Jtu nether 0409e95d Nether imp 6410489b

View Lakkaris Sacrifice in action

  • The portal can not be removed or destroyed.
  • The portal takes up a minion space on the board.

Warrior - Fire Plume's Heart

Fire Plume's Heart is the new legendary quest for the Warrior class. The reward is Sulfuras.

Jtu fire plume s heart 95a2c5df Jtu sulfuras 87805ab4

Elise the Trailblazer

Elise Starseeker makes a return in Un'Goro in the form of Elise the Trailblazer! Once you play Elise, a 2 mana cost Un'Goro Pack card will be shuffled in your library.

Jtu elise 20161900 Jtu un goro pack fdaa4f8a

View Elise the Trailblazer in action

  • Playing Un'Goro Pack will add five random cards (from the set Journey to Un'Goro) will be added to your hand.
  • Guaranteed one epic rarity card and a chance for legendary card. You can get cards from other classes!

Explore Un'Goro

Explore Un'Goro replaces the player's deck with 1 mana cost card that simply has the effect - "Discover a card". Basically a deck full of Raven Idols, but any card.

Jtu explore c9925535

Kalimos' Invocations

Kalimos primal lord 381b7037

Kalimos' battlecry effect will allow you to pick one of the following invocations:

Jtu invocation of air 981635c5 Jtu invocation of earth ea3875d6 Jtu invocation of fire 1edd2728 Jtu invocation of water 5fab4818

Living Mana

Living Mana is a unique Druid card that allows the player to get 2/2 Treants (temporarily) in exchange for their mana crystals.

Jtu living mana 4c28d22b Mana treant ce346fde

View Living Mana in action


Pyros is the new legendary creature for the Mage class. When the original Pyros (2 mana cost) dies, the card that it creates (6 mana cost) will have a similar Deathrattle effect (creating a 10 mana cost Pyros), in true phoenix fashion!

Jtu pyros 0b2c781c Jtu pyros 6 0e9cb6c2 Jtu pyros 10 e822a5d6

Sherazin, Corpse Flower

Sherazin, Corpse Flower is the new legendary creature for the Rogue class. When Sherazin dies, it will spawn Sherazin, Seed on the board. The Seed will turn back to the Corpse Flower once the player play four cards in one turn.

Jtu sherazin 5e3289ff Jtu sherazin seed 7e33d87f

View Sherazin, Corpse Flower in action

  • What happens when you use Unearthed Raptor on Sherazin, Corpse Flower?

Raptor Hatchling and Raptor

Raptor Hatchling is a new Hunter rare minion that shuffles a Raptor minion into your deck when it dies.

Jtu small raptor a332d998 Jtu raptor b41de775

Swamp King Dred

Swamp King Dred is the new legendary creature for the Hunter class. It is one of the few cards that interacts during your opponent's turn (similar to Secrets).

Jtu dred 467c842c

View Swamp King Dred in action

  • What happens when you play Lord Jaraxxus if your opponent has Swamp King Dred on board?
  • Will Swamp King Dred attack Dirty Rat if it was pulled by Dirty Rat's battlecry?

Elemental Token

Some spells in the new expansion will create a new minion card in your hand.

Jtu flame geyser f6849c36 Jtu fire fly 1046d6d5

And the card it creates is:

Jtu flame elemental dce30d45

New Mechanic - Adapt

The new Adapt keyword will infuse a minion or minions with elemental power, granting it new powers. Like the discover mechanic, players are presented with three options when they play a card with Adapt and choose one.

Example Card

Jtu gentle megasaur 7598e989

List of Adapt Options

Jtu crackling shield 6db0f735 Jtu flaming claws 7c0f7989 Jtu liquid membrane e6038593 Jtu living spores 360107b6 Jtu massive bc525014 Jtu poison spit 777ca23d Jtu rocky carapace e910bdb0 Jtu shrouding mist 8d6545c3 Jtu volcanic might 0338a508 Jtu windfury c6fc99d5

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