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Reference Guides and Cheat Sheets

Updated 6th April 2017

Reference Guides and Cheat Sheets

Reference Guides

Here are some quick reference guides and cheat sheets for certain cards and classes in Hearthstone. Be sure to bookmark them and check back often!

Class Secrets

A quick reference guide for the possible Secrets played by Hunters, Mages and Paladins. View guide

Card Cheat Sheets

  • Kazakus let players create custom spells! View guide
  • Xaril, Poisoned Mind let players randomly get one of five toxins. View guide
  • Ysera provide special Dream cards for the players. Vew guide
  • Kabal Chemist give players a random potion spell. View guide
  • Netherspite Historian allow players to discover Dragon cards. View guide


  • Adapt lets you choose how to buff your minions. View guide

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